Monday, April 1, 2013

Thoughts on TWD Finale

Spoilers, obviously.

From the looks of comments on various sites, many people were disappointed in and/or didn't like the finale. Of course, many people did like the finale, but usually those who complain are louder or more vocal.

I am one of those people who did like the finale, at least for the most part.  I usually share my thoughts scattered throughout and at the end of my recaps, but I decided to have a separate post for this.

Where to begin, where to begin.

I guess we can start with Andrea.  I am so incredibly sad that she's dead.  Like I said in my recap, I actually gasped, like a big dramatic gasp like TV characters do when they watch TV, when she revealed she was bitten.  I thought she was going to live and they were just building up the drama by not showing anything.  Her story really is quite tragic.  She didn't want anyone to die; she wanted peace.  But she had so many opportunities to kill The Governor.  And because she didn't, she's dead, not to mention all those people who The Governor massacred.  Which is why I find her death so tragic.  T-Dog heroically went out saving Carol.  Lori's death was also extremely sad, but her death came with life, i.e. Judith.  Everyone has long forgotten about Oscar, but he wasn't that important anyway.  Hell, Merle went out with a bang in a heroic stand giving his brother and the group a better chance.  But for Andrea, all those people did die.  The one thing is that her real group- did not die, but that really didn't have too much to do with her.  Of course, there's the whole debate about hero vs.martyr, and bla bla bla, but I won't get into that.

But what bothers me, and I'm sure so many others, is that she kept stopping to talk or just straight up stare at Milton instead of working to get the pliers and break free.  And I'm supposed to believe that The Governor is able round up his army, attack and search the prison, fail, flee, slaughter his army, and Rick is able to regroup, chat up his everyone, talk to Carl, save Karen, and enter Woodbury ALL before Andrea is able to break free?  That makes absolutely no sense and nearly ruins it.  But Andrew being able to survive and then orchestrate that whole intricate Walker invasion thing back in the "Killer Within" when he had absolutely no experience with walkers and didn't even know about them until Rick found him, didn't make sense either.  Neither did The Governor being able to survive all those walkers AND being able to catch up with Andrea at the right moment in "Prey."

I'm just sad that we're never going to get to see Andrea become more like her comic book character

Now on to Milton.  For a supposedly smart guy, he was pretty stupid.  What did he think The Governor was going to do after Milton scorched the walkers.  He should have done something more useful.  Like kill The Governor when he had the chance.

I know many people, including the characters, were quick to criticize Carl, but he had good points.  He seemed to be the only one to acknowledge the fact that these people were ready to kill every last one of them.  They told that kid to drop his weapon.  He didn't.  He claimed he was going to hand over his weapon, but he could have easily struck Carl instead and started shooting.  The kid had at least a few feet on Carl.  That kid should have dropped his weapon like he was told.  You can see Carl think about it before he did it.

I'm conflicted about The Governor.

 I wanted him to die. Hard. With A Vengeance.  And no one thought to shoot back instead of running?  And as far as I'm concerned Martinez and Shumpert (yep, that's the other guy's name) need to go too.  They could have stopped him.  They were in shock, but still.  And I understand why they went with him.  Where are they supposed to go.?  And I kind of wanted to move on from The Governor.  Part of me was getting tired of him and how long can he really live for.

But the other part of me understands.  It's so obvious to have him die in the finale, and by keeping him alive past this season, they are preventing from going that root where there's a main villain each season who dies in the finale.

But I'm just mad that nobody went after him after they got to Woodbury.

I'm interested in seeing where we start off timewise next season.  Will they let us see things right from the end of the finale, or will they do a time jump, whether short or long?

This picture makes everything better

I know people are reading these!  Comment!  I would love to get a good discussion going.


  1. Okay, okay, okay. I love blogs dedicated to The Walking Dead. I love talking about The Walking Dead. No one I know has seen it! Can you believe that? Anyway...

    Andrea. I hated that she died. She was strong and had some pretty good survival skills (I mean, the way she escaped from that farm - kudos!), so she would've been valuable to the group. But I was annoyed by the fact that she kept talking to Milton and indeed staring at him while he was dying. I mean, hurry the F up! He's about to turn into a walker! What are you doing staring at him?!


    But I kind of expected that she would live. I thought they were just building up the suspense only to give us relief afterwards. Bummer that they didn't. The Walking Dead is unpredictable like that. (Let's hope Daryl Dixon makes it to the end of the show because he is badass.)

    And yeah, I thought it was pretty implausible that the Governor survived all those walkers Andrea had set loose on him. And he was covered in scratches afterwards and isn't a scratch enough to turn into a walker? But I suppose that's the show's way of showing how tough the Governor is. I don't think it's as implausible that he caught up with Andrea though. I mean, he did have a car. But it wouldn't have been bad if they showed us how he did it because now it all comes down to speculation. On the other hand it would've ruined the surprise effect of the Governor catching Andrea when she was at the prison.

    Carl annoys me because he keeps running off. I mean, I get it. He is toughening up and becoming badass, but seriously. He needs to stop getting himself in trouble. I mean, that episode ("Clear") where he wanted to get into the diner to get a picture? He told Michonne he was going to do it whatever it took. The place was infested with walkers! Without Michonne he would never have survived. But I think he made a good call shooting that kid, after the attack on the prison. The kid didn't drop his gun, he held it while getting closer to Carl. Now he may have wanted to hand the gun over, but why take chances? As far as that goes, I think Carl did a good thing.

    A brilliant ending for the Governor would've been in the basement of the prison. For an episode that's titled "Welcome to the Tombs" there wasn't a lot of tomb-action going on. It was over before you knew it. I found that disappointing. But I get it. The Governor needs to die alone so he can go out with a bang.

    Martinez and Shumpert - I didn't get the impression they were evil and twisted. So they shouldn't have allowed the Governor to slaughter his army. Yeah, "shock" could explain it but they didn't exactly look like they were frozen with fear or shock. Plus it took a pretty long time for the Governor to kill everyone, and afterwards they were immediately ready to get in the car and start driving. They've really ruined it for themselves now. Even if at some point in the show they tell the Governor: "Wait, I'm not gonna do that. That's sick," it wouldn't make up for anything because they allowed those people to die.

    I got a little tired of the Governor as well.

    I understand the next season will start in October? I sure hope so, because 6 months is not half as bad as waiting 12 freaking months!

    P.S. About Daryl and Carol - what is UP with those two? Are they friend or is there something more? And isn't Carol too old for Daryl?

  2. Hi Sabrina! I haven't been on blogger in a while, so I was pretty excited to see that I had a comment. And such a well thought out one at that!

    I too love talking about TWD and don't really have anyone to talk to about it, and I loooooove talking about it, and TV in general. Which is a main reason I started this blog, although I've been busy and haven't been all that active lately.

    Glad to see you agree about Carl. I don't get all the "Carl's going psycho" stuff. Especially since we have seen him save Michonne's life by shooting the walkers as she stood on the other side of the fence, while Rick just stood there, going out of his way to save Tyrese & Co's lives, and apologizing to Morgan for shooting him, even though he had to. And drop the gun means DROP the gun, son.

    Good point about the episode title. But I think "Welcome to the Tombs" was more addressing the fact that some of the people from Woodbury were moving in.

    As for Daryl and Carol. I think their relationship is definitely stronger than just a friendship, and I'm sure we'll see that relationship grow, albeit I'm not sure by how much. I'm not sure what ages the characters are supposed to be, but Norman Reedus is 44 and Melissa McBride is 47, so not a big difference there.