Saturday, March 2, 2013

TWD Speculation

We know that in tomorrow' s episode ("Clear' S3, Ep 12) of The Walking Dead, "one of the major characters is going to get quite the blast from the past."  In, the promo, we saw a masked sniper taking out walkers.  Looks like we're going to be seeing Morgan again!  When we last saw Morgan back in season 1, he was practicing his sniping skills.  Both Robert Kirkman and Lennie James have dodged the question of whether we will be seeing Morgan again.  So, if the clues above aren't big enough clues, Morgan also returned in the comics.  However, his son Duane didn't make it.

At yesterday's PaleyFest, Andrew Lincoln said "I think you’ll see in the next episode a turning point happens and he realizes his responsibilities. And hopefully he’ll come back from the brink."

So, perhaps, Rick and Morgan reunite and Rick learns that Morgan's son Duane has died.  Thus, Rick compares it to his own situation, and realizes that he needs to snap out of it and step up so he doesn't lose his son. 

But I guess we'll see tomorrow

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