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The I Love Michonne Episode

"Clear" The Walking Dead S3 Ep 12 Recap

Spoilers, obviously.

One of the many great things about this show is the contrast between the episodes.  Last week's episode covered pretty much all the characters and jumped between the prison and Woodbury A LOT, while this week's episode was thematic and strongly driven by the four characters it focused on.  Plus, it was nice to get a little break from Woodbury, the Governor, and Andrea.

The episode is called "Clear," which is hard to forget because Morgan says it like 80 times.  But before we get to that...

Who wants to play I Spy?
Michonne, Rick, and Carl are taking a nice car ride.   Somewhere, Chris Hardwick is making a "Carl looks like Danny from The Shining"  joke.  They pass a hitchhiker, who tries to flag them down,  As far I could tell, he didn't have a towel with him.  Michonne and Rick kind of glance at each other and just pass him.  Which is kind of sad and funny at the same time.  Apparently the entire audience at PaleyFest burst out laughing at the hitchhiker's lonesome misfortune.

Their car gets stuck in the mud, and a group of walkers swarm the car.  No one is the least bit phased and Rick tells them to cover their ears as he nonchalantly rolls down his window to shoot the walkers.  While Rick and Carl work to get the car out of the mud, Carl aggressively questions why Rick brought Michonne along.  It sounds like Carl's not too happy she's butting in on their Father-Son time.  Rick answers that they have common interests, the same problems.  Maybe they can work on them together, just for right now.  Because they're having this conversation like 2 feet from Michonne, she hears them.  The hitchhiker's not giving up.  He's running and hollering to them with his pack clanking, kind of like the kid from Up.  When they see them, they just get in the car and leave.  Heh/sadface/heh.

Zombie sequel: F'ed Up Coming Soon!

They return to Rick and Carl's B.W. (Before Walkers) town, which kind of confuses me seeing how quickly they got there and considering that Michonne was driving them in silence.  He brings them to the police station's storage locker, only to find it empty.  Frustrated, Rick says they should check local bars and liquor stores for guns, and then gets all in Michonne's face with "You have a problem with that?"  Michonnne calmly and quietly tells him she doesn't and hands him a bullet.

The three make their way out on to the street, where they see the town covered in graffiti that says things like "No guilt, you know that." and "Turn Around And Live."  All throughout the town are crazy mouse-trap booby traps, equipped with skateboards, spikes, and caged rats.  It's kind of like a deadly walker version of Wipeout.  

A masked sniper appears on top of a building and starts yelling muffled threats at them.  He kind of reminds me of a tuscan raider.   Michonne says she can get up there so Rick tells Carl to go to the car (yeah, like that's going to happen) before he starts shooting at the sniper.  Michonne, who I am only assuming flew up there, quickly got up to one of the buildings, but the sniper is already on the ground.  As the sniper approaches Rick, Carl comes out and shoots him.  Because that's whats up.  Rick is taken aback a bit.  He didn't want Carl to have to do that, but Carl counters that he had too.  This episode really highlights how few Rick-Carl moments we've got this season.  Rick checks the sniper's body to find that he is armored (and therefore alive).  He then unmasks him to reveal it is none other than  Lori Bill Murray  Morgan!  Surprise!  Unless of course you read my speculative blog post below.  And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids.  

Rick's not going to leave him on the street.  Rick explains to Michonne how Morgan saved him.  They're dragging him into one of the buildings.  Rick's about to step on a "Welcome" mat, but Michonne stops him, because you know, booby traps.  Rick lifts it up to reveal a knife filled death pit, which is pretty cool.  He actually thanks Michonne for saving him!  Rick returns the favor to warn Michonne from stepping on a wire in front of a door, which would trigger an axe to swoop in.  The axe is pretty bloody, so you know it's been working.  

They take a look around Morgan's humble abode.  There's a bunch of scattered cray cray writing on pretty much every inch of the walls.  Morgan's been hoarding a lot of guns and ammo, like a lot a lot.  Carl and Michonne start packing them, but Rick finds the walkie-talkie he gave Morgan back in the series premiere.  Rick presses it against his forehead and you can feel him reflecting on everything that's happened since then.  Rick see's "Duane Turned" written on the wall.

Michonne's ready to go.  "You think he's crazy?" asks Rick.  "No, I think he's dangerous".  Rick tells them they are going to wait for him to wake up.

Carl's looking at a very nicely done map of what used to be the town/neighborhood on the chalkboard.   Michonne starts crunching on some food.  Rick retorts, "We're eating his food now?"  Michonne responds, "Mat said welcome." Hahaha, got to love Michonne.

Carl says he's going on a run and it looks like Rick wants to smirk.  Carl says he's going to go get a crib for Judith.  Michonne will come help him because, after all, cribs are heavy.

Outside, Carl tells Michonne to go take out a really skinny shirtless walker.  Was that guy walking around shirtless when he turned or did the walker take it off himself?  Carl thought he could use that time to run off, but Michonne's too good to let that happen.  Carl wants to do this on his own.  He's getting something else for Judith before the crib.  Maybe it's a pony.

Rick tells the unconscious Morgan, "I'm sorry this happened to you" which is the same line he said to that crawling female walker before he shot her in "Days Gone Bye."  Morgan doesn't seem too happy about not getting his own original pity line because he tries to attack Rick, who counters first.  Rick pleads with Morgan to remember him; he knows him.  But Morgan doesn't know anyone anymore.  He tells Rick he's wearing a dead man's face and that HE DOES NOT CLEAR, and then freaking stabs Rick, who then points his gun in Morgan's face.  Morgan begs Rick to kill him.

Rick treats his wound and says he's not wearing a dead man's face because this isn't American Horror Story and he ain't Bloody Face.  Rick shows him the walkie-talkie and Morgan remembers.  He used to turn it on at dawn like he said, but Rick was never there like he promised.  Well, even when Rick was there, he never stopped talking or let go of the button long enough to let anyone talk.  Rick tearfully apologizes.  He kept getting pushed back, he had to save his family.  

Well brace yourself.  Morgan never put down his walker wife, who ended up killing Duane, who wasn't able to shoot her either.  Morgan then begins a speech, which is too poignant to recap.  "People like you? The good people? They always die. And the bad people, too. But the weak people, the people like me: We have inherited the earth."  Lennie James is totally worthy for an Emmy for Best Guest Actor.  

Carl takes Michonne to a cafe.  He wipes off the window to see a bunch of walkers sitting at the tables, presumably still waiting for their damn coffee.  Michonne wouldn't let him go in.  He pretty much repeats word for word what Rick told him about Michonne having common interests.  Carl says it's not her business and she doesn't know him, which is something Michonne can probably relate to.  She's going to help him. Dawww.

They send a rat cage in, which is able to distract most of the walkers, because after all, a little rat has a stronger smell than human flesh.  Carl grabs a picture frame off a wall and Michonne stabs a walker who grabs his ankle.  All the other walkers take notice and Michonne takes out like four more.  They're able to get of the cafe, but Carl dropped the picture.  Carl actually seems more like someone his age when he desperately says he has to go back and get it.  He had to do it.  But Michonne's like cut the B.S., I got this . It takes her all of two seconds (which I don't really get how) to go around, slip in, and get the picture and this crazy colorful ceramic cat because it was "too damn gorgeous" to leave.  How can you not love her yet?  The picture is of Rick, Lori, and Carl; he wanted Judith to be able to know what their mom looked like.  Carl again seems more like this age as he thanks her.  Dawww.  

Doing something like this was kind of big for the Michonne we have seen so far.  Usually, she does things for the purpose of survival and risking their lives for something trivial to her was the smartest thing.  However, by doing this, she's pretty much become a member of the group, so maybe it was a tactical survival decision.  But who am I kidding, she did it cause she cared.

Rick wants Morgan to come back with them to the prison.  Morgan points out that the prison is where Lori died and that Rick must be bringing a lot of guns for a reason. If you have something good, someone else is going to want it. Rick tells Morgan that they both started out in the same place.  Actually, no, Rick, you started out in a hospital bed.   Things went bad for both of them.   Rick says Morgan can come back from this. He has to be able to. Who you talking to Rick, Morgan or yourself.?  Morgan says no.  He has to clear.

Outside, Michonne and Carl are carrying the crib.  They see Rick's bloody shoulder, but he just brushes it off.  Michonne takes a bag from him anyway.  Shouldn't they be bringing more?  I mean Morgan had a lot of guns there.

Carl apologizes to Morgan for shooting him, which disproves all the people who are saying Carl is becoming desensitized and all that.  Morgan firmly tells him to never be sorry.

Rick and Carl pack up the car.  Carl smiles at his dad, "She might be one of us." 

Michonne has got a crossbow with arrows in one of the bags.  Yay for Daryl!  Michonne tells Rick that she knows he sees things.  She shares that she used to talk to her dead boyfriend.  Ahem, humanizing.  Rick asks her if she wants to drive. Yes.  Rick responds "Good, cause I see things."  Haha.  Wait, are they ending it with a joke?

Good, now Rick and Michonne can start being BFFs.  I was getting tired of Rick being a total jerk to her all the time and her not talking.  And their relationship is one of my favorite things from the comics.

The three start their drive back.  Jamie N Common's awesome song from the promo starts to play.  

They see the hitchhiker again, or at least what used to be hitchhiker.  This time they stop... to get his pack.  Which seemed a bit like dark humor to me.

I think we've seen the last of loopy Rick for a while.  Seeing Morgan' current state of madness probably woke him up.  I just think Rick liked the feeling of not being the craziest person in the room for a change.

In such an intense season, it's pretty cool that they are able to have a more direct episode like this and have it be just as good, if not better.  Although some may think the episode may not have moved the rest of the plot along, it brought our characters to where they need to be.  Plus, guns.

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