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Run, Andrea, Run

"Prey" The Walking Dead S3 Ep 14 Recap

Spoilers, obviously.

Flashback. Andrea and Michonne sit around a fire while Michonne's pets are tied to a tree.  They're eating something from a can and I get distracted by the way Michonne holds her spoon and doesn't chew. Andrea asks Michonne where found her pets.  Michonne knew them.  According to her they deserved what they got and  weren't human to begin with. Ooooh, characterization! So that’s implying there was some kind of abuse, I’m guessing.  

I wonder why they decided to open with this because besides the scene, Michonne wasn't in the episode. Although the scene shed some light into Michonne’s character, it didn’t really do anything for Andrea's, when this was an Andrea-centric episode.

Woodbury: The Governor sets up chains. He makes a weird jizz face.  Okay then...

My body is ready

Milton watches The Governor arrange all of his torture tools, which include a deer saw, scalpel, a bone saw, knives, needles, an electric bone saw, a funnel to force someone to drink water so they don’t die, a catheter, and pills, you know, all the standard stuff.  He asks the Governor how his workshop helps Woodbury and tells him to move on The Governor can't; it was his daughter.  Milton says it’s done it doesn't matter.  "Oh, it’s all the matters," responds The Governor

Milton shows Andrea the Governor's workshop (not to be confused with Santa's workshop) and tells her that he is going to kill Rick's group.  He tells her to leave. No, she has to kill him.. They watch the Gov record himself whistle, so if you didn't know he was a big cray-cray, you do now.  Andrea points her gun at the Gov but freaken Milton grabs her hand to stop her. Milton tells her that "killing the Governor doesn't save your friends." Uh, yea it does. Andrea tells Milton to come with her to the prison, but he says he can't because he belongs here.

Martinez is collecting weapons. Andrea reluctantly gives up her piece and ammo, but keeps her knife. The Governor says he wants Andrea to come with him when they see Rick in case Rick tries anything.  She bites her lip, plays dumb, and smiles at him

Tyrese and whatshername Sasha are on guard.  He’s not a good shot.  Andrea tries to trick them into leaving their post, so she can leave But they’re not buying it.  They try to stop her from leaving, but she pulls her knife  She can't stay here, the Governor is not what he seems (read: more than meets the Eye).  He’s done terrible things  Gee, someone's like to the party.  She jumps down and starts running. Sasha says we shouldn't have let her go. "What would you have liked me to do, shoot her?'  Pshh you probably would have missed.

So, why didn't Andrea just try and kill The Governor some other time when Milton wasn't there to ruin everything.  And she could have hid that car Rick gave her, this way here she could have just driven there if she needed to.

Tyrese and Sasha report to Martinez and The Governor. Martinez says they should have stopped Andrea and Tyrese asks if this is a prison camp. Uh no, Rick’s at the prison, duh.  The Gov feeds them a story about Andrea being crazy because she was out by herself all winter.

The Governor tells Milton he’s going after Andrea. Milton tells him to let her go; she just wants to be with her people. The Governor figures out Milton was talking with her. He gets Milton against a wall and asks if she knows about the “deal” and Michonne.  His silence tells the Gov that she does.

Allen tells Tryese not to screw this up for them. They don’t want to get kicked out of Woodbury because of him. Allen has been mad that Tyrese saved his wife when he says he could have.  Okay, next time Allen or Ben is in danger, Tyrese shouldn't step in, or else Allen might get mad.

Andrea’s running down the road.  A truck is coming. She hides in the woods and catches her breath against a tree.  A walker grabs her from the other side of the tree and two more walkers approach. It looks like it’s the end for her. BUTTT, she props her feet up and blocks them. Bamfdrea stabs one, breaks the arm of the tree hugger, and then kills the rest. Wow

Martinez takes Tryese and co. to a pit of walkers that the Governor is going to unleash on Rick's group. Tyrese doesn’t like idea.  One thing leads to another and Allen and Tyrese start to fight.  Ben tries to come to his dad's aid, but Tyrese just effortleslly pushes him down, which may be my favorite part of the episode.  Next, Tyrese holds Allen over the zombie pit for a bit.  Martinez and the other guy were unfazed by the whole thing

Andrea’s running on the plains. The drives by and spots her.  I don't know how because she was hiding in the plains and he only has one eye.  He tries to run her over. RUN FORREST RUN. She runs into the woods. Zombieland Rule 1: Cardio

Andrea runs into a building. Governor follows in. We then get a few minutes of a cat and mouse game.  In my notes I wrote down: Intense. Scary, Anxiety. Just think of a really F'ed up version of that scene in Matilda when Matilda and Miss. Honey are hiding from the Trunchbull in her mansion.  He whistles again, menacingly. He tries to get her to come out by telling her to come back to Woodbury, her home. Obviously, she doesn't come out so he starts smashing windows with a shovel, which is a perfectly normal reaction. The  Governor would be better at hide and seek if he had use of both of his eyes. It stays really intense. 

Yep, I've reached the conclusion that this window is in fact broken
 The Gov thinks he has Andrea backed against a door with nowhere to go.  He tells her “it’s time to come home.” But she has a smug expression on her face as she pulls the door open and hides behind it, unleashing a group of walkers.The Governor fights his way and I’m hoping we get to see him get bitten.  It would have been really shocking if the Governor did in fact die now. Andrea sneaks away.  She should have slashed his tires or something.

Andrea sees the prison, smiles and puts her hand up.  She’s made it.  But the governor lunges out and grabs her.  I actually exclaimed “Nooo!”  He covers her mouth.  Rick’s on guard.  He sees it, but thinks he’s seeing things so ignores it.  DAMN IT RICK.  THE ONE TIME THERE'S ACTUALLY SOMETHING THERE YOU DON’T GO AND CHECK IT OUT.

Elsewhere, a mystery man sets the walkers in the pit on fire and most are burnt to a crisp.  Who ordered their walker well done?

Okay, so the Governor really should have been killed, and so should have Andrew from the first half of the season, but I guess it's plausible that he was able to fight his way out.  But what is not plausible is how The Governor was able to fight his way out and catch up to Andrea and get to her exact spot.

The Governor arrives back to Woodbury in his truck.  He tells Martinez he didn't find Andrea. You know it's bad when he's even lying to Martinez.  

Martinez tells the Governor someones torched the walkers.  The Governor doesn't really care, I mean it's not like they are running low on walkers.  They assume it was Tyrese who did it.  The Governor tells Tyrese and co. that the walkers are a scare tactic and asks him where he got the gasoline. Tyrese doesn't know what he’s talking about. 

Milton tells The Governor that "It’s a real shame about the pits." He hopes he finds out who did it. The Governor tells him he already has.

I know Milton's all proud of his little act of defiance, but he didn't really do much.  Okay, so he set fire to the rain to some walkers.  All they have to do is walk outside and get new ones.  It kind of reminded me of a little kid doing something small to defy his/her parent.  Now, if Milton didn't stop Andrea from killing The Governor, he wouldn't have even had to burn the walkers.  But hey, I'm still rooting for Milton to be one of the many possible characters who kills The Governor.

The camera gives us a tour of the Gov’s workshop. He’s got Andrea in his torture chair.  Can't say I was surprised.  I didn't think they would kill her off without showing it.

Only two more episodes!

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