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Of Mice and Merle

"This Sorrowful Life" The Walking Dead S3 Ep 15 Recap

Spoilers, obviously.

Rick, Hershel, and Daryl are having a Brain Trust meeting.  They fill Daryl in on the Michonne deal. They need Merle, and Rick is going to talk to him. Alone.

Merle's ripping up a mattress looking for some drugs. Rick asks him, "Do you even know why you do the things you do? The choices you make?"  He tells Merle about the Michonne deal and that they need his help. Merle is “honored” to be in the "inner circle".  Merle tells him The Governor won't kill Michonne, he’ll take out her eyes, torture her.  Rick is going to let that happen to her for a shot?  Merle tells him "You’re cold, Officer Friendly.  Heh, that is what Rick called himself back on the roof in Season 1.  Merle says they are going to need wire, not rope, nothing she can chew through. And to answer Rick's question, Merle doesn't know why he does the things he does.  It's a damn mystery to him.  But he knows Rick; he’s going to back out of doing this.

But if we wore all that gear, we wouldn't look as cool!
Maggie and Carl are distracting walkers by banging pots and pans, while Michonne, Glenn and Daryln hammer barbed wire into the ground outside as a way to to try and stop The Governor from driving in again.  Daryl makes a point to tell Rick that it was Michonne's idea because she is a damn asset to the group and Rick is an idiot for thinking he should hand her over to The Governor.  Michonne says they don’t have to win, they just need to make it more trouble for them than it's worth.   And why is Carl the only one wearing a bullet proof vest?  Seriously, they are on high alert because a madman and his army may attack them at any second and they have all this prison armor gear hanging around and no one but Carl thinks to put any of it on?

Inside, Carol asks Merle if he’s with them.  He’s here for his brother.  She tells him it’s time to pick a damn side.  Merle notes that she is different from what she was like in the camp and calls her a late bloomer. She responds that maybe he is too.

Glenn, for whatever reason, still won’t let go of that whole Merle almost killing him and and the Governor terrorizing Maggie thing.

Daryl goes to find Merle, who’s busy looking for crystal meth.  Merle tells him he thinks Rick is going to change his mind.  Daryl says he is going to go with whatever Rick says, to which Merle retorts "Where’s your balls?"  Merle: Your people look at me like I’m the devil for grabbing up those lovebirds.  But now they want to do the same thing he did: snatch someone up and bring her to the Governor. People have to do what they have to do to survive (A baby's gotta do...). Merle continues, maybe they need someone to do their dirty work.  Daryl says he just wants his brother back.

While Hershel prays with Maggie and Beth, Rick is outside getting wire/phone cords or whatever to tie up Michonne. He sees Lori again, AGAIN. But this time he tells himself she is not there.

Rick tells Hershel he can't go through with this.

Too bad. Merle has already decided to take things into his own hands.  While he and Michonne clear a hall of walkers, he knocks her unconscious and ties her hands together.  Uh, don’t you think Michonne would have known better than to go off alone with Merle into a dark hall?  And another thing about TV shows.  So often characters hit each other in the back to momentarily someone out, but there is never any further damage, i.e. concussions.  They did this on LOST all the time.

Merle and Michonne are out walking now, but Michonne doesn’t really have a choice.  Merle uses Michonne’s sword to kill a walker.  You mean other people can use that?  It's not like some King Arthur Sword in the Stone thing? He is surprised she didn't run away. She smiles. She wanted her sword back before she left.

Daryl is going to go find Merle and Michonne. He refers to Rick as family

Merle’s got Michonne tied up and on a leash. Racist.  Michonne says someone who is truly evil doesn’t feel a thing. That person is light as a feather.  She thinks Merle isn't like that; he's burdened.  Merle says he has killed 16 men during this whole thing.  Well, we know one was Gargiulo. Then there were those army guys

Glenn asks Hershel for his permission to marry Maggie.  He doesn't know if they will last the week, so he wants Maggie to know how much he loves her.  Hershel gives him his blessing. But tells him not to get her pregnant.

Merle ties Michonne to a post as he hotwires a car, with only one hand!  But impressive as it is, he manages to set off the car alarm, alerting every walker nearby.

Michonne kicks a walker down, then smashes its head before getting Zombie Kill of the Week by using the wire to wrap around and decapitate a walker, you know, kind of like how you use wire to cut clay.

Merle finally notices the walkers and kills a bunch.  He shoots one that is about to attack Michonne and then the two take off in the car he hotwired. 

In the car, Michonne says this could have been Merle’s shot for a whole new beginning, but he chose to stay on the outside.  No one is going to mourn him, not even Daryl; he’s got a new family.  He tells her she’s as much on the outside as he is, girl.  She says "maybe," but once The Governor is done with her, she won't have to live with herself.

Glenn goes ring shopping. It doesn't take very long.  The walker he got it from was practically giving it away.  He cut off the finger of a female walker pressing against the fence.

Michonne tells Merle both of them could just go back.  Merle says he can’t go back.  He cuts the wires binding Michonne’s hands together, gives her her sword back and lets her go.  Before he drives off, he says he has got something he needs to do alone.

Daryl and Michonne run into each other. He asks if she killed Merle.  She tells him he let her go. Daryl mumbles something about going after him.

Merle is sitting in the car, drinking some kind of liquor with the radio blasting.  Or I guess it’s a CD because it can't be the radio.  He attracts a bunch of walkers and leads them to the rendezvous point where they were supposed to deliver Michonne.  He sneaks in the building and starts taking shooting the Governor's men who are focused on the walkers.  I don’t know why he didn't wait to start shooting until he saw The Governor, or at least Martinez. 

He gets the Governor in his sight and shoots but stupid Ben gets in the way and takes a bullet to the face.  But Ben was annoying, so that’s okay.  Merle battles a walker before The Governor's men start beating him up.  A fight ensues between The Governor and Merle and the Governor goes Gollum style (oppa Gollum style) on him and bites off two of his fingers. He spits them out pretty far too. INSANE.  Merle tells him he is not going to beg.  The Governor shoots him.  Screen goes black,

Let's elope
Glenn places the walker's finger a ring in Maggie's hand, proposing, but he didn't get down on one knee.  No need to in a Zombie Apocalypse, I guess.  And the ring is pretty clean, considering it's been on a walker.  Guess the prison has silver polish.

Rick comes clean to the group about the Michonne deal.  Also, area to note: Beth is wearing a beanie hat. Rick admits he was wrong not to tell them.  It can't be a Ricktatorship anymore. (Maybe a Grimeocracy?)  He says they can't sacrifice for the greater good because they are the greater good.  "I’m not your Governor."  They need to vote: should they stay and fight or leave?  Cue The Clash. After his speech, he walks a way like he always does before anyone can say anything.  Ugh Rick.

Rick sees Michonne walking back to the prison. By the look on his face, he knows he did wrong and has some splainin' to do.
Daryl gets to the rendezvous point.  He comes across walker Merle, who’s chowing down on Ben’s corpse.  It appears Merle was shot in the chest, so The Governor made sure that Merle would turn.  Close up on Merle’s eyes; it's not Merle anymore.  I don’t know how Norman Reedus does it, but he changes his whole face and breaks down.  He pushes Merle away a few times like he doesn't want to have to do what he has to do and  then stabs him in the face a few times.  He's mad at the world.  He's mad at Merle.  He's mad at himself.

Since the winter finale/episode after the hiatus, I thought Merle would be getting some kind of redemption.  And he did, sort of.  Right?  I wonder if Daryl will have any resentment towards Rick.  Probably not.

Once you saw that it was a pretty Merle-centric episode and that he was being humanized, you knew Merle was doing to die soon.

Only one episode left!  And by the looks of it, it's going to be explosive (see what I did there?)

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