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When Rick met the Governor

"Arrow On The Doorstep" The Walking Dead S3 Ep 13 Recap

Spoilers, obviously.

This episode was basically just a bunch of pissing contests.  Rick and the Governor, Daryl and Martinez, Hershel and Milton, and Glenn and Merle.

First off, watch this clip from Wayne's World 2, this way here I can get all the Governor-Eye jokes out of my system, although I don't promise anything.

Rick, Hershel, and Daryl arrive at a remote location and start scouting the perimeter.  For a moment, I was a bit confused as to how Hershel was driving, but then I remembered you only need one leg to drive.  For the first time ever, you can't see Daryl's sleeveless arms because he is wearing a leather jacket, probably since it it looks extra cool with his new crossbow.

I should buy a boat
Rick enters a little building and the Governor emerges from the darkness like a cartoon villain.  The Gov puts up his hands and smiles, "We've got a lot to talk about.  Eye agree.  He says he could have killed the prison group, but he didn't.  Rick points his gun at him, while the Gov puts away his.  The Gov acts like he is all ready to negotiate, but he has a gun strapped to the side of the table he is sitting on.

Martinez pulls up with Andrea and Milton to where Daryl and Hershel are waiting.  Andrea is surprised the Governor is inside.  Uhh, isn't that why they are all there?

Andrea being Andrea barges in and wants to make peace.  She tells them to save the bullets for the real  threat.  But Rick knows that the Governor is the real threat.  He tells him he knows all about him and what he did to Maggie. The Governor says he's here to move forward.

It's pretty amazing that we are 14 episodes in and this is the first time Rick and the Governor are coming face-to-face.

Outside, Daryl calls Milton the Gov's butler.  Martinez thinks it's funny.  Maybe he's picturing Milton in a fancy butler outfit.  Milton counters by calling Daryl a henchman, which is what Martinez actually is.  The whole thing reminds me of the scene in The Outsiders when Two-Bit makes fun of the Socs' pants.

At the prison, Merle wants to go and kill the Governor now since they know where he is.  Also, for some reason, he's allowed to be near all the guns, but whatever.  Glenn and everyone say too many things can go wrong and of their people can get hurt.  Carl pipes up that his Dad can take care of himself.  Glenn tells Merle that he's putting his foot down: it's not the right time

I wonder why Merle didn't put up a fight earlier before they left.  I mean, he does have a point.  If he went with them he could have just came in and shot the Governor.

The Governor doesn't negotiate; he's here for Rick's surrender.  Rick gets mad.  Andrea gets mad.  The Gov tells her to go outside and let the men handle this.  Rick agrees.  Heh.  Rick calls the Gov the town drunk.  At some point, I don't know when, I don't know why, Andrea told the Gov how Judith might be Shane's, and the Governor brings it up. Ugh Andrea.  Come on.  The Governor does this weird tapping thing and announces he brought whiskey!  Maybe he is the town drunk.  Is that the same stuff he seduced Andrea with?  Is he trying to seduce Rick?

Don't drink it, Rick

Daryl and Martinez hear walkers approach.  They get all "No, after you" so Andrea stabs the first one in the eye.  She could have gone all Kate Austen and asked "Should I get a ruler?"  but she didn't.  Martinez unnecessarily twirls his bat and takes out a walker.  Daryl puts his new crossbow to use, hitting two for the price of one.  He finishes the job by throwing a knife (Zombie Kill of the Week) before Martinez can get to it.  Daryl won.

Martinez shares that he lost his wife and kids.  He makes a surprisingly candid remark about how this whole meeting is just a joke, a little dance.  He and Daryl bond over a smoke.

Milton and Hershel also do some bonding.  Except Milton tries to get to second base with him.  He asks Hershel if he can see his amputated leg.  Hershel tells him to at least buy him a drink first.  They laugh like friends.

The whiskey didn't work, so the Governor tells Rick about losing his wife in a car accident.  That's nice, but we aren't here to talk about that.

Merle’s packing up a bag of guns, he doesn't need permission. It’s his brother out there.  Glenn won't let him out of his way.  Time to fight.  Michonne and Maggie get involved, but Beth (!) ends it by firing a shot.  In a way, it was kind of endearing to watch Merle try and go, believing it was best for his brother

Andrea asks Hershel what happened with Maggie.  Hershel tells her the Governor is a sick man.  Andrea says she can't go back there.  Hershel tells her she is one of them, but if she (re)joins them, it's final.

Gov claims that he didn’t even want this; they chose him to be leader.  Somehow he knows about how Rick brought back all those guns, which I think is kind of dumb, but whatever. The Gov says the fight will go down to every last man (or asthmatic teenager).  They can end it today.  The Gov takes off his brownie/Oreo  looking eyepatch.  Again, no one cares.  He wants Michonne. Man, these close up shots really show how awesome Rick’s beard/scruff is.

Merle tries to get Michonne to come with him.  He says the folks here ain't killers.  Michonne argues that Rick and Maggie are and says Carl put down his own mother.  Merle just says that was a mercy killing.  He thinks they should go.  He can alert Daryl through hunting calls.  Which I would actually like to here.  Hehe. Imagine if it was just something like BARK BARK.  Or maybe it’s like the Hunger Games Whistle. Michonne tells  He’s on his own, if he gets people killed, its on him.  

Glenn's on watch.  Maggie comes out and Glenn apologizes for making it all about him. Maggie just wanted him to see her. Boo, what does that even mean?  Glenn saw you, girl.  They hug and kiss while they're supposed to be on watch and I get really nervous that someone is going to shoot one of them while they aren't paying attention.  Apparently, zombies are a big turnoff , but Maggie wants them to watch, so they then get it on in the garage or whatever.  Aren't they worried about getting pregnant?

Rick tells the Gov that killing Michonne is beneath him.  The Gov tells him he can save everyone. "How do I know you will keep you’re word?" You don’t The Gov claims he doesn’t care about Rick. Rick has 2 days. Right, because giving Hitler the Sudetenland totally worked.

Time to go. Andrea looks like she wants to go back to the prison but feels she should go to Woodbury like she has some kind of plan.

Daryl rides back on his BAMF motorcycle with Rick and Hershel in the car behind.  Gov, Martinez, Andrea Milton return at their place too. Gov tells Martinez to kill the others but keep Michonne alive. Milton overhears, and asks what about the deal.  Gov says it's best way to avoid a slaughter. Milton says it is a slaughter. Did Milton just step up. Woah.

The Gov lies Andrea, but shes done, even though she pretends she believes him.

Rick tells the group the Gov wants the prison and wants them dead. They are going to war.  Merle says Rick should have got him when he had the chance, which is kind of true. I mean, he could have just shot him.  But maybe if Rick did just kill him, the Gov would have just became a martry and the people would  have retaliated.  But who would have led them?  Martinez?  Nahh.

Outside, Rick tells Hershel the truth about the Michonne way out.  Rick says the Gov would just kill them anyway, but what if he doesn't?  He didn't tell them because they need to be scared. Hershel assures him they are. Hershel says Michonne has saved pretty much everyone's lives; she’s earned her place. Rick agrees. Rick told Hershel this because he is hoping he could talk Rick out of it.

I like how Rick didn't really consider giving up Michonne because the Governor would obviously just kill them anyway, but is still imagining the (im)possibility of the Gov just leaving them alone if they do.

Again, really interested in seeing whats going to happen next week.  I know Andrea has been getting a lot of criticism, and she deserved most of it in the first half of the season, but we’re seeing her really trying to save lives on both sides. Plus she really is a bad ass.  And it looks like Milton is starting to cut the leash.

How crazy would it be if Milton was the one who kills the Governor?

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