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Of Mice and Merle

"This Sorrowful Life" The Walking Dead S3 Ep 15 Recap

Spoilers, obviously.

Rick, Hershel, and Daryl are having a Brain Trust meeting.  They fill Daryl in on the Michonne deal. They need Merle, and Rick is going to talk to him. Alone.

Merle's ripping up a mattress looking for some drugs. Rick asks him, "Do you even know why you do the things you do? The choices you make?"  He tells Merle about the Michonne deal and that they need his help. Merle is “honored” to be in the "inner circle".  Merle tells him The Governor won't kill Michonne, he’ll take out her eyes, torture her.  Rick is going to let that happen to her for a shot?  Merle tells him "You’re cold, Officer Friendly.  Heh, that is what Rick called himself back on the roof in Season 1.  Merle says they are going to need wire, not rope, nothing she can chew through. And to answer Rick's question, Merle doesn't know why he does the things he does.  It's a damn mystery to him.  But he knows Rick; he’s going to back out of doing this.

But if we wore all that gear, we wouldn't look as cool!
Maggie and Carl are distracting walkers by banging pots and pans, while Michonne, Glenn and Daryln hammer barbed wire into the ground outside as a way to to try and stop The Governor from driving in again.  Daryl makes a point to tell Rick that it was Michonne's idea because she is a damn asset to the group and Rick is an idiot for thinking he should hand her over to The Governor.  Michonne says they don’t have to win, they just need to make it more trouble for them than it's worth.   And why is Carl the only one wearing a bullet proof vest?  Seriously, they are on high alert because a madman and his army may attack them at any second and they have all this prison armor gear hanging around and no one but Carl thinks to put any of it on?

Inside, Carol asks Merle if he’s with them.  He’s here for his brother.  She tells him it’s time to pick a damn side.  Merle notes that she is different from what she was like in the camp and calls her a late bloomer. She responds that maybe he is too.

Glenn, for whatever reason, still won’t let go of that whole Merle almost killing him and and the Governor terrorizing Maggie thing.

Daryl goes to find Merle, who’s busy looking for crystal meth.  Merle tells him he thinks Rick is going to change his mind.  Daryl says he is going to go with whatever Rick says, to which Merle retorts "Where’s your balls?"  Merle: Your people look at me like I’m the devil for grabbing up those lovebirds.  But now they want to do the same thing he did: snatch someone up and bring her to the Governor. People have to do what they have to do to survive (A baby's gotta do...). Merle continues, maybe they need someone to do their dirty work.  Daryl says he just wants his brother back.

While Hershel prays with Maggie and Beth, Rick is outside getting wire/phone cords or whatever to tie up Michonne. He sees Lori again, AGAIN. But this time he tells himself she is not there.

Rick tells Hershel he can't go through with this.

Too bad. Merle has already decided to take things into his own hands.  While he and Michonne clear a hall of walkers, he knocks her unconscious and ties her hands together.  Uh, don’t you think Michonne would have known better than to go off alone with Merle into a dark hall?  And another thing about TV shows.  So often characters hit each other in the back to momentarily someone out, but there is never any further damage, i.e. concussions.  They did this on LOST all the time.

Merle and Michonne are out walking now, but Michonne doesn’t really have a choice.  Merle uses Michonne’s sword to kill a walker.  You mean other people can use that?  It's not like some King Arthur Sword in the Stone thing? He is surprised she didn't run away. She smiles. She wanted her sword back before she left.

Daryl is going to go find Merle and Michonne. He refers to Rick as family

Merle’s got Michonne tied up and on a leash. Racist.  Michonne says someone who is truly evil doesn’t feel a thing. That person is light as a feather.  She thinks Merle isn't like that; he's burdened.  Merle says he has killed 16 men during this whole thing.  Well, we know one was Gargiulo. Then there were those army guys

Glenn asks Hershel for his permission to marry Maggie.  He doesn't know if they will last the week, so he wants Maggie to know how much he loves her.  Hershel gives him his blessing. But tells him not to get her pregnant.

Merle ties Michonne to a post as he hotwires a car, with only one hand!  But impressive as it is, he manages to set off the car alarm, alerting every walker nearby.

Michonne kicks a walker down, then smashes its head before getting Zombie Kill of the Week by using the wire to wrap around and decapitate a walker, you know, kind of like how you use wire to cut clay.

Merle finally notices the walkers and kills a bunch.  He shoots one that is about to attack Michonne and then the two take off in the car he hotwired. 

In the car, Michonne says this could have been Merle’s shot for a whole new beginning, but he chose to stay on the outside.  No one is going to mourn him, not even Daryl; he’s got a new family.  He tells her she’s as much on the outside as he is, girl.  She says "maybe," but once The Governor is done with her, she won't have to live with herself.

Glenn goes ring shopping. It doesn't take very long.  The walker he got it from was practically giving it away.  He cut off the finger of a female walker pressing against the fence.

Michonne tells Merle both of them could just go back.  Merle says he can’t go back.  He cuts the wires binding Michonne’s hands together, gives her her sword back and lets her go.  Before he drives off, he says he has got something he needs to do alone.

Daryl and Michonne run into each other. He asks if she killed Merle.  She tells him he let her go. Daryl mumbles something about going after him.

Merle is sitting in the car, drinking some kind of liquor with the radio blasting.  Or I guess it’s a CD because it can't be the radio.  He attracts a bunch of walkers and leads them to the rendezvous point where they were supposed to deliver Michonne.  He sneaks in the building and starts taking shooting the Governor's men who are focused on the walkers.  I don’t know why he didn't wait to start shooting until he saw The Governor, or at least Martinez. 

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Run, Andrea, Run

"Prey" The Walking Dead S3 Ep 14 Recap

Spoilers, obviously.

Flashback. Andrea and Michonne sit around a fire while Michonne's pets are tied to a tree.  They're eating something from a can and I get distracted by the way Michonne holds her spoon and doesn't chew. Andrea asks Michonne where found her pets.  Michonne knew them.  According to her they deserved what they got and  weren't human to begin with. Ooooh, characterization! So that’s implying there was some kind of abuse, I’m guessing.  

I wonder why they decided to open with this because besides the scene, Michonne wasn't in the episode. Although the scene shed some light into Michonne’s character, it didn’t really do anything for Andrea's, when this was an Andrea-centric episode.

Woodbury: The Governor sets up chains. He makes a weird jizz face.  Okay then...

My body is ready

Milton watches The Governor arrange all of his torture tools, which include a deer saw, scalpel, a bone saw, knives, needles, an electric bone saw, a funnel to force someone to drink water so they don’t die, a catheter, and pills, you know, all the standard stuff.  He asks the Governor how his workshop helps Woodbury and tells him to move on The Governor can't; it was his daughter.  Milton says it’s done it doesn't matter.  "Oh, it’s all the matters," responds The Governor

Milton shows Andrea the Governor's workshop (not to be confused with Santa's workshop) and tells her that he is going to kill Rick's group.  He tells her to leave. No, she has to kill him.. They watch the Gov record himself whistle, so if you didn't know he was a big cray-cray, you do now.  Andrea points her gun at the Gov but freaken Milton grabs her hand to stop her. Milton tells her that "killing the Governor doesn't save your friends." Uh, yea it does. Andrea tells Milton to come with her to the prison, but he says he can't because he belongs here.

Martinez is collecting weapons. Andrea reluctantly gives up her piece and ammo, but keeps her knife. The Governor says he wants Andrea to come with him when they see Rick in case Rick tries anything.  She bites her lip, plays dumb, and smiles at him

Tyrese and whatshername Sasha are on guard.  He’s not a good shot.  Andrea tries to trick them into leaving their post, so she can leave But they’re not buying it.  They try to stop her from leaving, but she pulls her knife  She can't stay here, the Governor is not what he seems (read: more than meets the Eye).  He’s done terrible things  Gee, someone's like to the party.  She jumps down and starts running. Sasha says we shouldn't have let her go. "What would you have liked me to do, shoot her?'  Pshh you probably would have missed.

So, why didn't Andrea just try and kill The Governor some other time when Milton wasn't there to ruin everything.  And she could have hid that car Rick gave her, this way here she could have just driven there if she needed to.

Tyrese and Sasha report to Martinez and The Governor. Martinez says they should have stopped Andrea and Tyrese asks if this is a prison camp. Uh no, Rick’s at the prison, duh.  The Gov feeds them a story about Andrea being crazy because she was out by herself all winter.

The Governor tells Milton he’s going after Andrea. Milton tells him to let her go; she just wants to be with her people. The Governor figures out Milton was talking with her. He gets Milton against a wall and asks if she knows about the “deal” and Michonne.  His silence tells the Gov that she does.

Allen tells Tryese not to screw this up for them. They don’t want to get kicked out of Woodbury because of him. Allen has been mad that Tyrese saved his wife when he says he could have.  Okay, next time Allen or Ben is in danger, Tyrese shouldn't step in, or else Allen might get mad.

Andrea’s running down the road.  A truck is coming. She hides in the woods and catches her breath against a tree.  A walker grabs her from the other side of the tree and two more walkers approach. It looks like it’s the end for her. BUTTT, she props her feet up and blocks them. Bamfdrea stabs one, breaks the arm of the tree hugger, and then kills the rest. Wow

Martinez takes Tryese and co. to a pit of walkers that the Governor is going to unleash on Rick's group. Tyrese doesn’t like idea.  One thing leads to another and Allen and Tyrese start to fight.  Ben tries to come to his dad's aid, but Tyrese just effortleslly pushes him down, which may be my favorite part of the episode.  Next, Tyrese holds Allen over the zombie pit for a bit.  Martinez and the other guy were unfazed by the whole thing

Andrea’s running on the plains. The drives by and spots her.  I don't know how because she was hiding in the plains and he only has one eye.  He tries to run her over. RUN FORREST RUN. She runs into the woods. Zombieland Rule 1: Cardio

Andrea runs into a building. Governor follows in. We then get a few minutes of a cat and mouse game.  In my notes I wrote down: Intense. Scary, Anxiety. Just think of a really F'ed up version of that scene in Matilda when Matilda and Miss. Honey are hiding from the Trunchbull in her mansion.  He whistles again, menacingly. He tries to get her to come out by telling her to come back to Woodbury, her home. Obviously, she doesn't come out so he starts smashing windows with a shovel, which is a perfectly normal reaction. The  Governor would be better at hide and seek if he had use of both of his eyes. It stays really intense. 

Yep, I've reached the conclusion that this window is in fact broken
 The Gov thinks he has Andrea backed against a door with nowhere to go.  He tells her “it’s time to come home.” But she has a smug expression on her face as she pulls the door open and hides behind it, unleashing a group of walkers.The Governor fights his way and I’m hoping we get to see him get bitten.  It would have been really shocking if the Governor did in fact die now. Andrea sneaks away.  She should have slashed his tires or something.

Andrea sees the prison, smiles and puts her hand up.  She’s made it.  But the governor lunges out and grabs her.  I actually exclaimed “Nooo!”  He covers her mouth.  Rick’s on guard.  He sees it, but thinks he’s seeing things so ignores it.  DAMN IT RICK.  THE ONE TIME THERE'S ACTUALLY SOMETHING THERE YOU DON’T GO AND CHECK IT OUT.

Elsewhere, a mystery man sets the walkers in the pit on fire and most are burnt to a crisp.  Who ordered their walker well done?

Okay, so the Governor really should have been killed, and so should have Andrew from the first half of the season, but I guess it's plausible that he was able to fight his way out.  But what is not plausible is how The Governor was able to fight his way out and catch up to Andrea and get to her exact spot.

The Governor arrives back to Woodbury in his truck.  He tells Martinez he didn't find Andrea. You know it's bad when he's even lying to Martinez.  

Martinez tells the Governor someones torched the walkers.  The Governor doesn't really care, I mean it's not like they are running low on walkers.  They assume it was Tyrese who did it.  The Governor tells Tyrese and co. that the walkers are a scare tactic and asks him where he got the gasoline. Tyrese doesn't know what he’s talking about. 

Milton tells The Governor that "It’s a real shame about the pits." He hopes he finds out who did it. The Governor tells him he already has.

I know Milton's all proud of his little act of defiance, but he didn't really do much.  Okay, so he set fire to the rain to some walkers.  All they have to do is walk outside and get new ones.  It kind of reminded me of a little kid doing something small to defy his/her parent.  Now, if Milton didn't stop Andrea from killing The Governor, he wouldn't have even had to burn the walkers.  But hey, I'm still rooting for Milton to be one of the many possible characters who kills The Governor.

The camera gives us a tour of the Gov’s workshop. He’s got Andrea in his torture chair.  Can't say I was surprised.  I didn't think they would kill her off without showing it.

Only two more episodes!

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When Rick met the Governor

"Arrow On The Doorstep" The Walking Dead S3 Ep 13 Recap

Spoilers, obviously.

This episode was basically just a bunch of pissing contests.  Rick and the Governor, Daryl and Martinez, Hershel and Milton, and Glenn and Merle.

First off, watch this clip from Wayne's World 2, this way here I can get all the Governor-Eye jokes out of my system, although I don't promise anything.

Rick, Hershel, and Daryl arrive at a remote location and start scouting the perimeter.  For a moment, I was a bit confused as to how Hershel was driving, but then I remembered you only need one leg to drive.  For the first time ever, you can't see Daryl's sleeveless arms because he is wearing a leather jacket, probably since it it looks extra cool with his new crossbow.

I should buy a boat
Rick enters a little building and the Governor emerges from the darkness like a cartoon villain.  The Gov puts up his hands and smiles, "We've got a lot to talk about.  Eye agree.  He says he could have killed the prison group, but he didn't.  Rick points his gun at him, while the Gov puts away his.  The Gov acts like he is all ready to negotiate, but he has a gun strapped to the side of the table he is sitting on.

Martinez pulls up with Andrea and Milton to where Daryl and Hershel are waiting.  Andrea is surprised the Governor is inside.  Uhh, isn't that why they are all there?

Andrea being Andrea barges in and wants to make peace.  She tells them to save the bullets for the real  threat.  But Rick knows that the Governor is the real threat.  He tells him he knows all about him and what he did to Maggie. The Governor says he's here to move forward.

It's pretty amazing that we are 14 episodes in and this is the first time Rick and the Governor are coming face-to-face.

Outside, Daryl calls Milton the Gov's butler.  Martinez thinks it's funny.  Maybe he's picturing Milton in a fancy butler outfit.  Milton counters by calling Daryl a henchman, which is what Martinez actually is.  The whole thing reminds me of the scene in The Outsiders when Two-Bit makes fun of the Socs' pants.

At the prison, Merle wants to go and kill the Governor now since they know where he is.  Also, for some reason, he's allowed to be near all the guns, but whatever.  Glenn and everyone say too many things can go wrong and of their people can get hurt.  Carl pipes up that his Dad can take care of himself.  Glenn tells Merle that he's putting his foot down: it's not the right time

I wonder why Merle didn't put up a fight earlier before they left.  I mean, he does have a point.  If he went with them he could have just came in and shot the Governor.

The Governor doesn't negotiate; he's here for Rick's surrender.  Rick gets mad.  Andrea gets mad.  The Gov tells her to go outside and let the men handle this.  Rick agrees.  Heh.  Rick calls the Gov the town drunk.  At some point, I don't know when, I don't know why, Andrea told the Gov how Judith might be Shane's, and the Governor brings it up. Ugh Andrea.  Come on.  The Governor does this weird tapping thing and announces he brought whiskey!  Maybe he is the town drunk.  Is that the same stuff he seduced Andrea with?  Is he trying to seduce Rick?

Don't drink it, Rick

Daryl and Martinez hear walkers approach.  They get all "No, after you" so Andrea stabs the first one in the eye.  She could have gone all Kate Austen and asked "Should I get a ruler?"  but she didn't.  Martinez unnecessarily twirls his bat and takes out a walker.  Daryl puts his new crossbow to use, hitting two for the price of one.  He finishes the job by throwing a knife (Zombie Kill of the Week) before Martinez can get to it.  Daryl won.

Martinez shares that he lost his wife and kids.  He makes a surprisingly candid remark about how this whole meeting is just a joke, a little dance.  He and Daryl bond over a smoke.

Milton and Hershel also do some bonding.  Except Milton tries to get to second base with him.  He asks Hershel if he can see his amputated leg.  Hershel tells him to at least buy him a drink first.  They laugh like friends.

The whiskey didn't work, so the Governor tells Rick about losing his wife in a car accident.  That's nice, but we aren't here to talk about that.

Merle’s packing up a bag of guns, he doesn't need permission. It’s his brother out there.  Glenn won't let him out of his way.  Time to fight.  Michonne and Maggie get involved, but Beth (!) ends it by firing a shot.  In a way, it was kind of endearing to watch Merle try and go, believing it was best for his brother

Andrea asks Hershel what happened with Maggie.  Hershel tells her the Governor is a sick man.  Andrea says she can't go back there.  Hershel tells her she is one of them, but if she (re)joins them, it's final.

Gov claims that he didn’t even want this; they chose him to be leader.  Somehow he knows about how Rick brought back all those guns, which I think is kind of dumb, but whatever. The Gov says the fight will go down to every last man (or asthmatic teenager).  They can end it today.  The Gov takes off his brownie/Oreo  looking eyepatch.  Again, no one cares.  He wants Michonne. Man, these close up shots really show how awesome Rick’s beard/scruff is.

Merle tries to get Michonne to come with him.  He says the folks here ain't killers.  Michonne argues that Rick and Maggie are and says Carl put down his own mother.  Merle just says that was a mercy killing.  He thinks they should go.  He can alert Daryl through hunting calls.  Which I would actually like to here.  Hehe. Imagine if it was just something like BARK BARK.  Or maybe it’s like the Hunger Games Whistle. Michonne tells  He’s on his own, if he gets people killed, its on him.  

Glenn's on watch.  Maggie comes out and Glenn apologizes for making it all about him. Maggie just wanted him to see her. Boo, what does that even mean?  Glenn saw you, girl.  They hug and kiss while they're supposed to be on watch and I get really nervous that someone is going to shoot one of them while they aren't paying attention.  Apparently, zombies are a big turnoff , but Maggie wants them to watch, so they then get it on in the garage or whatever.  Aren't they worried about getting pregnant?

Rick tells the Gov that killing Michonne is beneath him.  The Gov tells him he can save everyone. "How do I know you will keep you’re word?" You don’t The Gov claims he doesn’t care about Rick. Rick has 2 days. Right, because giving Hitler the Sudetenland totally worked.

Time to go. Andrea looks like she wants to go back to the prison but feels she should go to Woodbury like she has some kind of plan.

Daryl rides back on his BAMF motorcycle with Rick and Hershel in the car behind.  Gov, Martinez, Andrea Milton return at their place too. Gov tells Martinez to kill the others but keep Michonne alive. Milton overhears, and asks what about the deal.  Gov says it's best way to avoid a slaughter. Milton says it is a slaughter. Did Milton just step up. Woah.

The Gov lies Andrea, but shes done, even though she pretends she believes him.

Rick tells the group the Gov wants the prison and wants them dead. They are going to war.  Merle says Rick should have got him when he had the chance, which is kind of true. I mean, he could have just shot him.  But maybe if Rick did just kill him, the Gov would have just became a martry and the people would  have retaliated.  But who would have led them?  Martinez?  Nahh.

Outside, Rick tells Hershel the truth about the Michonne way out.  Rick says the Gov would just kill them anyway, but what if he doesn't?  He didn't tell them because they need to be scared. Hershel assures him they are. Hershel says Michonne has saved pretty much everyone's lives; she’s earned her place. Rick agrees. Rick told Hershel this because he is hoping he could talk Rick out of it.

I like how Rick didn't really consider giving up Michonne because the Governor would obviously just kill them anyway, but is still imagining the (im)possibility of the Gov just leaving them alone if they do.

Again, really interested in seeing whats going to happen next week.  I know Andrea has been getting a lot of criticism, and she deserved most of it in the first half of the season, but we’re seeing her really trying to save lives on both sides. Plus she really is a bad ass.  And it looks like Milton is starting to cut the leash.

How crazy would it be if Milton was the one who kills the Governor?

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Mock SNL Host List

TVLINE just compiled a pretty good list of 25 Dream Host Picks for SNL.  A lot of the choices were  great, especially Donald Glover with musical guest Childish Gambino.  To counter that list check out a few of my bad/bizarre choices and then add your own in the comments!

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Parenthood PaleyFest Panel

Pictures can be found here

I just watched the Parenthood panel at PaleyFest and it was pretty great. It was really cool of The Paley Center to not only host a show like this, but to stream the panel live. Michael Ausiello was a pretty good moderator (even though he didn't ask my emailed/tweeted questions.)  As a fan obsessed with this show, it really means a lot to see that the cast are really invested in the characters, the show, and each other.

 At the panel: Jason Katims, Peter Krause, Craig T. Nelson, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Erika Christensen, Monica Potter, Sam Jaeger, Mae Whitman, Jason Ritter, Joy Bryant, Miles Heizer, and Max Burkholder.

They talked about the expected stuff: the cancer story line, Julia and Joel's adoption, Ryan, Mark-Sarah-Hank, the abortion, etc, which I won't go into detail about because it's really more about watching Katims and the cast interact and discuss.

 They didn't real talk about any plans for the next season, except that they hope there is one.  Since Drew is going to Berkeley, we will probably see him more than Haddie, not that we see him that much anyway.  As Katims put it, "[Drew's] in town."  He wants to continue the story line with Amber and Ryan, which I assumed would be a given since that was a focus of this past season.  But Matt Lauria may not be available.  But in my personal opinion, I don't think we have to worry about him not being in it.  

Katims wants to explore as many facets of parenthood as he can in the show.  Although that's great, I worry if that would lead to forced story lines.  What the show does not need is to pile on more after school special topics to check off some kind of list.  Speaking of which, I was pretty conflicted about this past season.  Of course, I thought it was beautifully done.  However, I did find myself longing for the smaller everyday issues story lines that made me fall in love with the show in the first place.

 Shooting a big family scene is "like a party with a room full of alphas"

 The Q&A with the audience was a bit... awkward to say the least. It wasn't that bad, but when I have a billion questions I want to ask, some questions may annoy me. As a general statement, they really should start pre-screening them.

 The first "question" was from an Italian woman who didn't know much English. I say "question" because all she did was profess her love for Lauren Graham and proceeded to give her a flowers. I think everyone was uncertain of whether it was an "Awwww moment" or a "creepy moment."

The question that annoyed me the most was from a woman who said she was an actress who also works with kids with Autism. She then asked Max Burkholder something along the lines of "Where does the story come from." Max immediately and rightfully passed the question to Katims who simply replied that he has a son with Autism. Everyone was quiet and the lady was kind of like "Oh... well I can help you if you need it."

Okay, from day 1, in literally every article about Parenthood, there is at least some mention of how Katims has a son with Autism and that is where he gets his inspiration. I don't understand how someone who watches this show enough to come to the panel does not know that. Even so, maybe if she did a quick Google search beforehand, we wouldn't have gotten our time wasted.

More endearing questions came a woman who was battling cancer the same time Kristina was and also has a child on the spectrum and from a man who said that he feels a part of the family and that he wrote his thesis on Katims and the Bravermans. I would totally read that thesis. Actually I'm really interested in doing so.

 Again, more of a general statement: instead of getting awkward and bad questions that waste the producer's/casts time, we can get some more actual, perhaps pre-screened questions. So if that means using more twitter questions then so be it.  When there's a chance for producers and actors from my favorite shows to answer questions, I don't want them to be some dumb/awkward question with an obvious answer. I want them to be as interesting and telling as possible.

For this panel specifically, I would have liked to have heard more specific and/or plot based questions.

Also, here's a bunch of Parenthood tissues tweeted out by @nbcparenthood.  Because you are going to need them whenever you watch the show.

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The I Love Michonne Episode

"Clear" The Walking Dead S3 Ep 12 Recap

Spoilers, obviously.

One of the many great things about this show is the contrast between the episodes.  Last week's episode covered pretty much all the characters and jumped between the prison and Woodbury A LOT, while this week's episode was thematic and strongly driven by the four characters it focused on.  Plus, it was nice to get a little break from Woodbury, the Governor, and Andrea.

The episode is called "Clear," which is hard to forget because Morgan says it like 80 times.  But before we get to that...

Who wants to play I Spy?
Michonne, Rick, and Carl are taking a nice car ride.   Somewhere, Chris Hardwick is making a "Carl looks like Danny from The Shining"  joke.  They pass a hitchhiker, who tries to flag them down,  As far I could tell, he didn't have a towel with him.  Michonne and Rick kind of glance at each other and just pass him.  Which is kind of sad and funny at the same time.  Apparently the entire audience at PaleyFest burst out laughing at the hitchhiker's lonesome misfortune.

Their car gets stuck in the mud, and a group of walkers swarm the car.  No one is the least bit phased and Rick tells them to cover their ears as he nonchalantly rolls down his window to shoot the walkers.  While Rick and Carl work to get the car out of the mud, Carl aggressively questions why Rick brought Michonne along.  It sounds like Carl's not too happy she's butting in on their Father-Son time.  Rick answers that they have common interests, the same problems.  Maybe they can work on them together, just for right now.  Because they're having this conversation like 2 feet from Michonne, she hears them.  The hitchhiker's not giving up.  He's running and hollering to them with his pack clanking, kind of like the kid from Up.  When they see them, they just get in the car and leave.  Heh/sadface/heh.

Zombie sequel: F'ed Up Coming Soon!

They return to Rick and Carl's B.W. (Before Walkers) town, which kind of confuses me seeing how quickly they got there and considering that Michonne was driving them in silence.  He brings them to the police station's storage locker, only to find it empty.  Frustrated, Rick says they should check local bars and liquor stores for guns, and then gets all in Michonne's face with "You have a problem with that?"  Michonnne calmly and quietly tells him she doesn't and hands him a bullet.

The three make their way out on to the street, where they see the town covered in graffiti that says things like "No guilt, you know that." and "Turn Around And Live."  All throughout the town are crazy mouse-trap booby traps, equipped with skateboards, spikes, and caged rats.  It's kind of like a deadly walker version of Wipeout.  

A masked sniper appears on top of a building and starts yelling muffled threats at them.  He kind of reminds me of a tuscan raider.   Michonne says she can get up there so Rick tells Carl to go to the car (yeah, like that's going to happen) before he starts shooting at the sniper.  Michonne, who I am only assuming flew up there, quickly got up to one of the buildings, but the sniper is already on the ground.  As the sniper approaches Rick, Carl comes out and shoots him.  Because that's whats up.  Rick is taken aback a bit.  He didn't want Carl to have to do that, but Carl counters that he had too.  This episode really highlights how few Rick-Carl moments we've got this season.  Rick checks the sniper's body to find that he is armored (and therefore alive).  He then unmasks him to reveal it is none other than  Lori Bill Murray  Morgan!  Surprise!  Unless of course you read my speculative blog post below.  And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids.  

Rick's not going to leave him on the street.  Rick explains to Michonne how Morgan saved him.  They're dragging him into one of the buildings.  Rick's about to step on a "Welcome" mat, but Michonne stops him, because you know, booby traps.  Rick lifts it up to reveal a knife filled death pit, which is pretty cool.  He actually thanks Michonne for saving him!  Rick returns the favor to warn Michonne from stepping on a wire in front of a door, which would trigger an axe to swoop in.  The axe is pretty bloody, so you know it's been working.  

They take a look around Morgan's humble abode.  There's a bunch of scattered cray cray writing on pretty much every inch of the walls.  Morgan's been hoarding a lot of guns and ammo, like a lot a lot.  Carl and Michonne start packing them, but Rick finds the walkie-talkie he gave Morgan back in the series premiere.  Rick presses it against his forehead and you can feel him reflecting on everything that's happened since then.  Rick see's "Duane Turned" written on the wall.

Michonne's ready to go.  "You think he's crazy?" asks Rick.  "No, I think he's dangerous".  Rick tells them they are going to wait for him to wake up.

Carl's looking at a very nicely done map of what used to be the town/neighborhood on the chalkboard.   Michonne starts crunching on some food.  Rick retorts, "We're eating his food now?"  Michonne responds, "Mat said welcome." Hahaha, got to love Michonne.

Carl says he's going on a run and it looks like Rick wants to smirk.  Carl says he's going to go get a crib for Judith.  Michonne will come help him because, after all, cribs are heavy.

Outside, Carl tells Michonne to go take out a really skinny shirtless walker.  Was that guy walking around shirtless when he turned or did the walker take it off himself?  Carl thought he could use that time to run off, but Michonne's too good to let that happen.  Carl wants to do this on his own.  He's getting something else for Judith before the crib.  Maybe it's a pony.

Rick tells the unconscious Morgan, "I'm sorry this happened to you" which is the same line he said to that crawling female walker before he shot her in "Days Gone Bye."  Morgan doesn't seem too happy about not getting his own original pity line because he tries to attack Rick, who counters first.  Rick pleads with Morgan to remember him; he knows him.  But Morgan doesn't know anyone anymore.  He tells Rick he's wearing a dead man's face and that HE DOES NOT CLEAR, and then freaking stabs Rick, who then points his gun in Morgan's face.  Morgan begs Rick to kill him.

Rick treats his wound and says he's not wearing a dead man's face because this isn't American Horror Story and he ain't Bloody Face.  Rick shows him the walkie-talkie and Morgan remembers.  He used to turn it on at dawn like he said, but Rick was never there like he promised.  Well, even when Rick was there, he never stopped talking or let go of the button long enough to let anyone talk.  Rick tearfully apologizes.  He kept getting pushed back, he had to save his family.  

Well brace yourself.  Morgan never put down his walker wife, who ended up killing Duane, who wasn't able to shoot her either.  Morgan then begins a speech, which is too poignant to recap.  "People like you? The good people? They always die. And the bad people, too. But the weak people, the people like me: We have inherited the earth."  Lennie James is totally worthy for an Emmy for Best Guest Actor.  

Carl takes Michonne to a cafe.  He wipes off the window to see a bunch of walkers sitting at the tables, presumably still waiting for their damn coffee.  Michonne wouldn't let him go in.  He pretty much repeats word for word what Rick told him about Michonne having common interests.  Carl says it's not her business and she doesn't know him, which is something Michonne can probably relate to.  She's going to help him. Dawww.

They send a rat cage in, which is able to distract most of the walkers, because after all, a little rat has a stronger smell than human flesh.  Carl grabs a picture frame off a wall and Michonne stabs a walker who grabs his ankle.  All the other walkers take notice and Michonne takes out like four more.  They're able to get of the cafe, but Carl dropped the picture.  Carl actually seems more like someone his age when he desperately says he has to go back and get it.  He had to do it.  But Michonne's like cut the B.S., I got this . It takes her all of two seconds (which I don't really get how) to go around, slip in, and get the picture and this crazy colorful ceramic cat because it was "too damn gorgeous" to leave.  How can you not love her yet?  The picture is of Rick, Lori, and Carl; he wanted Judith to be able to know what their mom looked like.  Carl again seems more like this age as he thanks her.  Dawww.  

Doing something like this was kind of big for the Michonne we have seen so far.  Usually, she does things for the purpose of survival and risking their lives for something trivial to her was the smartest thing.  However, by doing this, she's pretty much become a member of the group, so maybe it was a tactical survival decision.  But who am I kidding, she did it cause she cared.

Rick wants Morgan to come back with them to the prison.  Morgan points out that the prison is where Lori died and that Rick must be bringing a lot of guns for a reason. If you have something good, someone else is going to want it. Rick tells Morgan that they both started out in the same place.  Actually, no, Rick, you started out in a hospital bed.   Things went bad for both of them.   Rick says Morgan can come back from this. He has to be able to. Who you talking to Rick, Morgan or yourself.?  Morgan says no.  He has to clear.

Outside, Michonne and Carl are carrying the crib.  They see Rick's bloody shoulder, but he just brushes it off.  Michonne takes a bag from him anyway.  Shouldn't they be bringing more?  I mean Morgan had a lot of guns there.

Carl apologizes to Morgan for shooting him, which disproves all the people who are saying Carl is becoming desensitized and all that.  Morgan firmly tells him to never be sorry.

Rick and Carl pack up the car.  Carl smiles at his dad, "She might be one of us." 

Michonne has got a crossbow with arrows in one of the bags.  Yay for Daryl!  Michonne tells Rick that she knows he sees things.  She shares that she used to talk to her dead boyfriend.  Ahem, humanizing.  Rick asks her if she wants to drive. Yes.  Rick responds "Good, cause I see things."  Haha.  Wait, are they ending it with a joke?

Good, now Rick and Michonne can start being BFFs.  I was getting tired of Rick being a total jerk to her all the time and her not talking.  And their relationship is one of my favorite things from the comics.

The three start their drive back.  Jamie N Common's awesome song from the promo starts to play.  

They see the hitchhiker again, or at least what used to be hitchhiker.  This time they stop... to get his pack.  Which seemed a bit like dark humor to me.

I think we've seen the last of loopy Rick for a while.  Seeing Morgan' current state of madness probably woke him up.  I just think Rick liked the feeling of not being the craziest person in the room for a change.

In such an intense season, it's pretty cool that they are able to have a more direct episode like this and have it be just as good, if not better.  Although some may think the episode may not have moved the rest of the plot along, it brought our characters to where they need to be.  Plus, guns.

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

TWD Speculation

We know that in tomorrow' s episode ("Clear' S3, Ep 12) of The Walking Dead, "one of the major characters is going to get quite the blast from the past."  In, the promo, we saw a masked sniper taking out walkers.  Looks like we're going to be seeing Morgan again!  When we last saw Morgan back in season 1, he was practicing his sniping skills.  Both Robert Kirkman and Lennie James have dodged the question of whether we will be seeing Morgan again.  So, if the clues above aren't big enough clues, Morgan also returned in the comics.  However, his son Duane didn't make it.

At yesterday's PaleyFest, Andrew Lincoln said "I think you’ll see in the next episode a turning point happens and he realizes his responsibilities. And hopefully he’ll come back from the brink."

So, perhaps, Rick and Morgan reunite and Rick learns that Morgan's son Duane has died.  Thus, Rick compares it to his own situation, and realizes that he needs to snap out of it and step up so he doesn't lose his son. 

But I guess we'll see tomorrow

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