Monday, February 18, 2013

"Home" Is Where The Zombie Heart Is

The last ten minutes of "Home" were some of the most exhilarating moments of the show (and TV in general) yet.  But first...

The episode opens with Rick enjoying the view at the prison.  He uses his binoculars to creep on Michonne, who was sleeping outside in a bus.  Rick is wearing a pretty nice watch.... Hey, wait a minute, is that Lori?  It is! Sorta.  Rick approaches her, and the two recreate that scene between Aragorn and Arwen from LOTR where they speak Elvish for like 5 minutes.  VisionLori has her fancy (backless) wedding dress on and Rick totally has the scruff to be Aragorn.  Michonne does her Michonne observation, but she's rightfully a bit more perplexed than usual.

Cue the opening music!

At Woodbury, the Governor compliments Andrea on her speaking skills and says he's totally seriously definitely not going to retaliate.  He plays the my-zombie-daughter-is-dead-again card and does the I need you we need you bit.

Darly and Merle are in the woods, doing Dixon Brothers stuff.  They talk while Merle pees, because that's the kind of person Merle is.  Daryl wants to go back to the prison, but Merle says it's not going to be a party for him.  Besides the Governor probably killed Rick and Co. already.

Wrong.  They're alive and well.   Glenn's trying to step up as leader.  Beth asks how do they even know if the Governor will attack them and Michonne speaks (!) to share that he had a fishtank full of heads, both walker and people.  Glenn wants to "end this tonight' and go assassinate the governor, while Hershel thinks it's best to leave the prison.  After all they survived all winter on the road.  Glenn points out that in the winter, they didn't have a baby and Hershel still had both his legs.  Glenn wants to make a stand!

At Woodbury, Milton is trying to "induce a meditative state" by listening to something... whatever, no one cares.  The Governor scares him because he can, then proceeds to butter him up, calling him invaluable.  He even calls Milton a friend!  Milton reacts like a dorky kid in high school who was just told that by the popular kid who he does homework for.  The Governor asks Milton to keep "tabs" on Andrea, to which Milton responds with a defiant "No" and that he has better things to do, like not cure walkers.  Just kidding, Milton quivers and "accepts."   He's just happy Merle is gone.

Cut to Andrea walking around looking for the Governor. Andrea: "Where's the Governor?"  Everyone: "Shut up, Andrea!"  She asks Martinez and Karen, who is a total meanie to her.  Andrea stops Milton and wants a specific answer: "Where is the Governor?"  Milton, who is a terrible liar, and is probably not used to being outside, responds, "on a run?"   Hmmm, somethings not right, is it Andrea?

Glenn and Carl are coming back from the tombs, which are filled up again, but Glenn reiterates that running is not an option.  He wants to take Maggie for a drive, but she's too busy being mad at Glenn for being mad at the Governor and wondering if the Governor raped her.

Axel and Carol are spending some quality time together.  We learn a bit about him.  Guns scare the 'bejeebuz" out of him.  He claims he's in here for robbing a store with a watergun.  Carol laughs at his imprisonment and teaches him how to use a gun.  She says hopefully his clip will remain full.  Be careful what you wish for... he won't get the chance to use it.

Daryl and Merle are disagreeing about where they are.  Daryl says they're going towards Yellow Jacket Creek.  They hear a baby and see people in trouble, which are two of Daryl's awesome triggers (but then again what isn't).  He jumps into action, but Merle on the other hand has no interest in helping.  Daryl gets the Walker Kill Of the Week Award for pulling a walker out of a car before it attacks an infant and its mother and slams the trunk on the walker's head.  The gore factor (nothing to do with the former VP) is pretty bad, and it reminds me of the jelly/juice from the berry candy things in the "everything is edible" room in Willy Wonka.  Merle feels that they deserve some kind of compensation, but Daryl points his crossbow at his brother to leave the people alone.  Merle's not too happy.  He says that by helping strangers out, they're wasting bullets and risking being killed, which is actually a valid point.  In fact, Merle thinks it's funny that Daryl is all righteous and BFFs with Rick now considering that they were planning on looting the camp back before Merle lost his hand.  A brief tussle ensues, and Daryl's favorite sleeveless shirt gets ripped, revealing to Merle, that like him, he was beaten by their father.  Daryl's ready to go back to where he belongs.  Merle for the first time ever, takes a break from being a jerk, and shows some emotion.  He can't go back to the prison; he tried to kill Michonne and almost killed the "Chinese Kid."  Daryl corrects him: Glenn is Korean, and then delivers one of the show's more poetic lines: "I may be the one that's walking away, but you're the one that's leaving.  Again."  A sign reads "Yellow Jacket Creek,"showing that Daryl was, in fact, right.
Andddd Scene

Back at the prison, Glenn's going out.  He can't just sit on his hands.  Hershel tries to have a  Good Will Hunting "It's not your fault" moment.  But, although Hershel certainly has the hair to be the Robin Williams character, Glenn isn't having it.  He needs to be a leader since Rick is in Crazy Town (population growing).  So, naturally, he goes off to angrily sulk just like Rick.

Beth and Maggie have a brief sisterly moment.  But maybe Beth's intentions were to just hand off Judith for or a bit because she's tired of looking after her all the time.

Hershel tries to have a "It's not your fault moment" with Rick too, but he's not having it either.  Rick's been soul searching figuring stuff out.  He tells Hershel about his visions of Lori.  Rick knows it's not really her but he says there has got to be a reason, it must mean something.  He's waiting for an answer.  Then, Zombie Dr. Phil comes out and moans, "And how does that make you feel?"

Oh look, another moment between Carol and Axel.  And they're kind of connecting.  Maybe he is a good guy after all.  HEADSHOT.  Axel's down.  Carol's sprayed with blood.  Close up to sniper Governor.  At least it wasn't an important member of the group.  R.I.P Axel, we hardly knew ye.  COMMERCIAL.

Cue an amazing ten minutes of television.

The Governor is firing as he pleases; he has no intention of conserving bullets.  There's another guy with him on the other side of the car.  Martinez is shooting from the bushes and another guy managed to get on top of the guard tower.  Michonne can't shoot, but that's okay, nobody else is able to hit any of them either even though we've seen them get hundreds of effortless head shots before.  But in all fairness, walkers don't shoot back.  The groups return fire.  The Governor doesn't flinch.  We get some cool shots of Carl shooting and covering. Carol is holding on to Axel's wondrous whiskers for dear life, as she uses him as a shield.  A car is noisily approaching.  Maybe it's Glenn ready to ram right into the Governor or Tyrese and co. coming to save the day.  Nope, it's an ice cream truck a truck that unloads walkers everywhere.

The Governor laughs; he's enjoying this.  He effortlessly shoots a walker behind him, but it looks like that same walker is up and about near Rick a few seconds later.

Maggie continues her streak of being one of the few members of the group to kill an actual person and takes down the guard tower guy (finally!)

Rick's in a bit of a pickle (A RICKLE).  Two walkers are pinning him down against the fence.  Daryl and Merle to the freaking rescue!  Rick and Daryl celebrate their reunion by hugging  exchanging nods.  Merle chuckles at the whole situation.

The group gazes at the yard full of walkers.  What's going to happen?  How's Rick's watch so clean?  Is this the best show on television?

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