Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Andrea's In the Outfield

"I Ain't A Judas" The Walking Dead. S3 Ep 11

Did you know that if you start Googling "The Walking Dead I," the second thing that comes up is "The Walking Dead I hate Andrea,"?

This episode switches back and forth between the prison and Woodbury more times than Merle says something racist.

Rick and the group are holding a meeting in the cell-block about, you know, the whole Governor situation.  Again, Hershel thinks they should run, but everyone’s like, “We’d like to see you try.”  Rick feels like walking away, so Hershel does what we've seen him do in the promos for what feels like forever and shouts, “Get back here!”  It’s too bad Hershel didn't know Rick’s middle name, he could have been all “Rick ____ Grimes, you get back here and make a plan, young man!”  Hershel tells him to “Get your head clear, and do something.”  Hershel’s not the only one to tell Rick that he’s slipping.  Outside, Carl tells Rick that he should stop being the leader  and let Hershel and Daryl handle things. 

At Woodbury, the Governor and Milton are making a list of able-bodied people, which brings them to a total of 26  Then, the Governor tells Milton to add boys and girls because adolescence is " a 20th century invention." So with that addition, the count now stands at 35. 

 Andrea barges in; she’s not happy. But, really, is she ever?  She heard about the prison, although I’m not really sure how.  He claims he went to negotiate, but Rick’s group is “bloodthirsty.”  Milton claims he didn't know.  Andrea is sick of the lies.  She’s not going to watch her friends and this town shoot each other down.  She wants a car to go see them.  The Governor tells her that the roads are blocked and that if she goes to that prison, she should stay there.

Andrea observes the town preparing for war.  Martinez says the only way to defend the town is to raise an army, which is why they need everyone they can get.  It’s kind of like  Helms Deep. Except this kid has a baseball hat and asthma instead of long hair and a sword Aragorn approves of.  And Woodbury isn’t vastly outnumbered.  Or the good guys.

At the prison, Glenn’s not happy living with the “snake in the nest.”  Daryl firmly tells him “Merle’s here, he’s one of us, get used to it.”  Rick tells Glenn, who compares it to Rick living with Shane after he tried to kill him, that he can’t kick him out.  Hershel says Merle will be useful because he has military experience and not to underestimate his loyalty to his brother. 

 Hershel and Merle have an Amputees Not-So-Anonymous meeting.  Merle shows off his bible skills (Matthew 5:29 and 30); he spent time in Woodbury’s library, the only thing he claims to miss.  Who knew Merle was a scholar!? Maybe he can start a library all Shawshank style.  Merle tells him that when the Governor returns, he’ll kill Rick last so he can watch his friends die.

The Governor is checking out the new “recruits.”  He gently tells a lady with arthritis, that she can help some other way, and she looks kind of disappointed that she won’t be shooting any sheriffs (not deputies)  Again, we hear how this kid Noah is asthmatic.  No one cares.  He’s going to learn from the best.

Carol tells Daryl she’s glad he came back.  To their home.  Daryl corrects her, this is a tomb. That’s what T-dog (RIP) called it.  Then she comes right out and says ‘He’s  your brother, but he’s not good for you, don’t let him bring you down. Look how far you've come.” They then chuckle because they love each other.

.Andrea asks Milton o cover for her so she can go to the prison.  Milton says he doesn’t have to take this chance and he’s not doing it. Andrea pleads that she wants to stop this before more people get killed.

The Governor rips off his bandage and gets freaky with a match.  It’s eyepatch time! Milton couldn’t wait to come running about Andrea.  The Governor says he should help her. and congratulates him.  “Good work Milton.”  That’ll do pig, that’ll do

Here's your new screensaver!

Milton helps Andrea jump a walker.  She cuts off his (the walker, not Milton’s) arms, then curb stomps its jaw off.  She totally got this entire idea from Michonne.  She casually slashes another walker, which is pretty badass. They put the walker on this leash thing, clampers? I don’t know what they’re called. A WILD TYRESE AND COMPANY APPEAR.  Time for a stare down.

Michonne’s doing some excersises, while Carol is pretending to stir some stuff or whatever .Merle reminds Michonne not to leave out the cardio. They should clear the air, hunting her down was just business.  Michonne compares it to the gestapo, which Merle thinks is a perfect comparison. 

Tyreese and co. ask about their camp.  They want in.  Milton will take them back.  Tyreese wants to know if Andrea needs any help, but she’s all “Nah, I got this.”  NO, GO BACK TO THE PRISON.  DON’T GO TO WOODBURY, TYREESE.

Not really sure how Andrea found her way to the prison, but she did.  Carl and Maggie are on watch. They spot Andrea.  Carl gets everyone, and they come out all SWAT style.  Rick asks if she’s alone, which she doesn't feel the need to answer right away.  Rick, kind of throws her against the fence and gives her a pat down worthy of the TSA.  Andrea is kind of confused as to why she’s not being treated like royalty.  Rick; “Welcome back, get up.’

Should I just shoot her?

They take her inside, where Carol and Andrea hug.  Carol thought she was dead.  Andrea gets all the introductory stuff, e.g. Hershel’s leg, where’s Shane and Lori.  T dogs dead too, but she didn't ask.  Andrea is still a bit confused as to why they aren't throwing a merry celebration for her.  Hershel fills her in about Axel being killed and the whole attack.  She didn't know about it.  Didn't even know Maggie and Glenn were in Woodbury. .  She’s not trying to make excuses for what Phillip (heh) has done.  Andrea wants to settle this.  She says there’s room at Woodbury, like that could actually be a possibility.  Andrea gets to the point and tells them she came here because the Governor is gearing for war.  Daryl wants her to tell the Governor he’s going take out his other eye.  Glenn says they've taking too much shiz for too long, if he wants war, they got it.  That’s cute, but he’s got a whole town.  Rick asks Andrea to take them into the town, but she won’t do that because there are innocent people there.   Okay then, why can’t they just go in and kill the Governor? 

Andrea’s still not getting it.  She yells at Michonne for poisoning them against the Governor, but Michonne just told them the truth and snarks at Andrea that the “Messiah Complex is contagious.”  Michonne finally tells Andrea that the governor sent Merle to kill her, and would have sent him to kill her too if she left.  Michonne came back to Woodbury to expose him; she knew it would hurt Andrea.

The Governor is giving orientation to Tyreese and co. It’s pretty much the same routine he gave Andrea and Michonne, plus the stuff about being attacked.  The father guy, whose name I don’t know, mentions the prison and his son is more than willing to fight Rick.  The Governor asks if they would be able to map out the prison.  Tyreese will do anything to stay here. 

Andrea meets lil ass kicker, but she’s not fooled, she knows that’s not her real name. Carol tells Andrea how Lori, T-dog (who Andrea didn’t care about), and Shane died.  Carol has a surprising but pretty good plan of how Andrea can easily end this.  She should, err, I guess I should say, use her body.

Rick’s nice enough to give Andrea a car.  And a gun.  And a pocket knife.  Gee, how about a snack, too?  Rick shows that he’s still decent and tells Andrea to be careful.  They have Merle, the only guy with one hand, unlock and open the gate  because everyone else is too busy standing in the background.

Andrea returns to Woodbury and immediately tells the Governor about her prison visit.  She came back on her own.  “Why?” the Governor asks. He then strokes her face and answers for her: “Because you belong here.”

 They get it on, but that’s mainly because Andrea is liking the eyepatch.

Everyone is gathered around in the cell-block   Rick is actually holding Judith.  Beth decides it’s too quiet, so sings because she hasn't done that since the premiere
Rick, Hershel and Daryl have a Brain Trust meeting. Rick’s going on a run.  Daryl will hold up the place.  Rick is going to bring Michonne (!) and Carl (!).

While the Governor sleeps, a nekkid Andrea takes a knife and stares over his body.  But we know she’s not going to go through with it because we've already seen one of the clips of Rick and the Governor meeting.  Plus, it’s too soon for the Governor to die.

Well, this certainly was an Andrea centric episode.  I’m actually pretty excited to see what she’s going to do next.  Now she knows too much to keep ignoring the fact that the Governor is an evil cray cray!


  1. Nice recap. I'm looking forward to tonight's episode. Rick best have a change of heart soon, I'm getting tired of the crazy act! :)

    1. Thanks! After "Clear" I don't think we will be seeing loopy Rick too much anymore. Takes an even crazier person to bring a crazy person back to sanity!